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How to buy a used car from us

How to buy a used vehicle from our vhicle inventory.

usedcar our stockIf cars of your inquiry are on the our stock list, please click the car,inquiryfrom the page, fill in form and ask us.

How to buy a used vehicle using car auctions.

Vhehicle at car auctions.

Buying a car from Japanese car auction using the NINJA system.

How to use USS Auction website.:
hownto use

USS Auction

USS Auction
hownto lob in?
how to log in

Contact a USS member who uses "NINJA."
Consult with a USS member about a transaction, and a unique ID and password to use "NINJA" will need to be issued for you.
Log in by entering the issued ID and password and register your information. Then you can use "NINJA."
* Check the Rules and Regulations before using NINJA.
* Our company and the USS Group do not get involved in transactions.

how to search vehicles

Vehicles consigned to the USS Auto Auction can be searched for using "NINJA."
If conditions are registered in advance, when a vehicle you want is consigned, the vehicle information is sent automatically. This way, you can reduce search workload.

how to join auction

You cannot join auctions by yourself.When you find a vehicle you want, negotiate a transaction with the USS member.If the negotiation is successful, the USS member will bid for the vehicle.
By using NINJA's special message function, you can easily send vehicle information to the USS member, and you can carry out a transaction smoothly while sharing vehicle information.
* Please note that the bidding date differs depending on the auction site where your target vehicle is consigned.

how to join auction

If the USS member made a successful bid for your target vehicle, consult with the USS member and make arrangements to receive the vehicle.

More than 50,000 vehicles are consigned to the USS Auto Auction every week. You can surely find vehicles that you want.Get started by contacting for ORIENTAL TRADING JAPAN USS member.

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